The History of Policing

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Cardiff is so alien in this shot. Cardiff Central Station is in the middle. Is that HMS Hamadryad in the mud on the right? https://twitter.com/GlamArchives/status/1321101035407134721

The latest Seeking Surrey Ancestors blog explores the many resources available for tracing criminal ancestors http://ow.ly/L60150C3CUU
#AncestryHour #Genealogy
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It’s half term for me, after a tough eight weeks. Will be editing these this week and maybe, possibly, some will end up published.

Interested in Researching your #Polish Ancestors? The National Institute for Genealogical Studies offers many courses specifically for individual countries. Course scheduled to begin Nov 2nd. Register today! #genealogy #familyhistory
Polish Ancestors: https://www.genealogicalstudies.com/eng/courses.asp?courseID=247

We’ve created access time slots at Streetlife Museum and @HullFerens, at times when we know it will be less busy for visitors who would benefit from that.

To book your ticket please visit https://www.hcandl.co.uk/museums-and-galleries

We explore the history of fairs in this special blog, which you can read here: https://bit.ly/34Wt6HZ unsurprisingly, they have rather ancient origins! #WDYTYA

Journey into @Coventry_Police today to rescue an old police box, ready to preserve for the future 🤓👮

It was blue once upon a time...

And where is the emoji for a tardis when you need one???


Excitingly, the service records for the Grenadier Guards have just been transferred to @UKNatArchives. https://www.whodoyouthinkyouaremagazine.com/news/grenadier-guards-records-released/ #wdytya #whodoyouthinkyouare #davidwalliams

@ourcriminalpast @IslaBroadwell @PrisonTwist @CrimJustNetwork @JusticeMuseum @VicPrisonVoices @DigiVics @MuseumLiverpool @Lancs_Heritage Thank you! We published a short piece on Everton lock-up last year, but we'd be grateful for any more info or stories about it https://www.prisonhistory.org/featured-lock-up-everton-lock-up/