The History of Policing

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Criminal Portraits: January 2021 most recent blog from ⁦@AbdnArchives⁩ https://criminalportraits.blogspot.com/2021/01/

‘The weakness of the dangerous classes’: attitudes to poverty are at the heart of my teaching this term http://thepolicemagistrate.blog/2021/01/09/the-weakness-of-the-dangerous-classes-attitudes-to-poverty-are-at-the-heart-of-my-teaching-this-term/

Postcards from Ferris & Company, Druggists 💊 sent to Frederick Hurst Craddock, Medical Superintendent of the Gloucester County Asylum regarding orders ~ 1890 and 1891.


Irish government to apologise over mother-and-baby homes https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55622548

From Essex to Australia: the story of convict Jeremiah #crime #history http://www.criminalhistorian.com/from-essex-to-australia-the-story-of-convict-jeremiah/

Great to see this published and in good company - the other articles sound fascinating https://twitter.com/history_law/status/1346133769368072192