The History of Policing

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Another important article here on the impact of the Irish War of Independence on the lives of women & girls by Prof Louise Ryan who first shone a spotlight on this history of sexual violence back in 2000. https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/louise-ryan-battles-on-the-home-front-1.4191526

Colleagues out there in #histmed #medhist land there is anew journal just launched supported by the European Association for the the History of Medicine and Health. It's called European Journal for the History of Medicine and Health. Submit now! https://brill.com/view/journals/ehmh/ehmh-overview.xml?fbclid=IwAR3RxNF6ZHn9L-u9ku5bEiiDooQFQ2hC96nuIp868C4vknBOBkefP0fE8io

Archives will not reopen before September and will offer a "much different service" when they do, the chief executive of the Archives and Records Association told Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine:


Can you help us to gather anymore information on George Ashton? He fell down the shaft of Grove Colliery in January 1837, was this a fatal accident, was he the only one involved? What became of his family? #DiscoverJG #Wakefield #Mining

The image shows officers at Bow Street in the coxcomb helmet, which had replaced top hats in 1863 and were themselves phased out later that century in favour of the ridgeless model familiar today... https://twitter.com/BNArchive/status/1268188383639191555

Great opportunity for members of the Hull History Network at the @UniOfHull to take part in the @HullMaritime project. Thanks for involving our Historians. https://twitter.com/HullMaritime/status/1268105432096215042

WO 416 cataloguing project involves 25 dedicated volunteers who work with history cards of Second World War British and Allied Prisoners of War captured in German occupied territory. Thanks to this, descriptions of 120,000 individuals are live on Discovery #VolunteersWeek

It's been a busy week for @HistoryManMet's Associate Lecturer, @reeshistory! First a new website and now a virtual public talk on PTSD in the ancient world! To hear Dr Owen Rees' thoughts on whether PTSD was present in the ancient world, click the link below!

#PTSD #combatstress https://twitter.com/reeshistory/status/1268113316788011008

This month, our asylum project is looking at asylum gardens and grounds. Do you have any images of Staffordshire's asylum grounds (Stafford, Burntwood, Cheddleton?). If so, we would love to hear from you https://staffordshireasylumrecords.wordpress.com/ #staffsasylums #hospitalhistory