History of Prisons and Imprisonment

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We explore the history of fairs in this special blog, which you can read here: unsurprisingly, they have rather ancient origins! #WDYTYA

Journey into @Coventry_Police today to rescue an old police box, ready to preserve for the future 🤓👮

It was blue once upon a time...

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Excitingly, the service records for the Grenadier Guards have just been transferred to @UKNatArchives. #wdytya #whodoyouthinkyouare #davidwalliams

@ourcriminalpast @IslaBroadwell @PrisonTwist @CrimJustNetwork @JusticeMuseum @VicPrisonVoices @DigiVics @MuseumLiverpool @Lancs_Heritage Thank you! We published a short piece on Everton lock-up last year, but we'd be grateful for any more info or stories about it

@jobailey007 @ourcriminalpast @PrisonTwist @CrimJustNetwork @JusticeMuseum @VicPrisonVoices @DigiVics @MuseumLiverpool @Lancs_Heritage Hi Jo you might like my new book. Detective Robert Marsden was my great, great, great grandfather.

Caricatures of the various anti-garroting devices invented during the British 'garroting panic' of the 1860s. Gangs of robbers would overpower victims by putting pressure on their neck until they passed out and then would rob them.

Wavertree and Everton lock ups, Liverpool. Both built in the late 1700s they were used by parish constables to hold drunks, trouble-makers and evil-doers @ourcriminalpast @PrisonTwist @CrimJustNetwork @JusticeMuseum @VicPrisonVoices @DigiVics @MuseumLiverpool @Lancs_Heritage


January 1862. Fights and stabbings amongst ships' crews forces Liverpool City Police to intervene. Handbills in seven different languages cautioning against the carrying of knives are issued to sailors as they disembark and are posted in boarding houses.


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Please can you see if our current new recruits can do a recreation of the attached image of the recruits gymnastics display c1910, for historic research purposes?

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