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Happy birthday, Fred! 🎂 Today marks the 152nd birthday of artist Frederick W Elwell. Born in Beverley in 1870, Fred grew up on North Bar Without. Built in the late 1700s, Nos 4, 6 & 8 were remodelled by Fred’s father James E Elwell
📜 PO/1/14/204- North Bar, Beverley, 1900s.

We are delighted to be hosting the @ahrcpress sponsored @HeritagePhD conference today. Organised by @AmandaCapern, @drhaboucha and Abby Westmark, it showcases leading heritage research by @UniOfHull and partners across the consortium.

In 1911, Detective Constable Edward Ernest Parrack took crime scene photos at the Black Horse pub in Birmingham where Edward Cummings died after being assaulted by George Broadhead. Parrack was promoted due to ‘his skill and attention’ in his photographic duties #detectivehistory

She’s arrived!! The Balance of Threat and Hope is the first puffin of #PuffinsGalore and you can see her and her friends all along the East Yorkshire coast, up the Humber and all the way to Hull and Beverley. Hear more @RadioHumberside @SallyFairfax @Fionamills1 @jameshoggarth

Researching criminal ancestors? This volume is a calendar of indictments at the Central Criminal Court, formerly the Old Bailey. Make sure you also visit this great online database: #FamilyHistory #Genealogy

In 1903, PC Arthur Llewelyn Davies of the Birmingham City Police was awarded £10 for photographing prisoners and compiling the statistical returns. Before he joined the force he worked as a clerk #policehistory #Birmingham

Did you see any of the Jubilee beacons? We've got photos of coronation bonfires of King Edward VII and King George V from Whitehaven and Keswick in 1902 and 1911 at #WhitehavenArchives @explorearchives #Royals

Stuck with missing g/father on 1921 census, not in the household he should be in! But his parents and siblings are there. Not with paternal or maternal g/parents. Any ideas? Name changed? Hospital? #familyhistory #Genealogy wait for #ancestryhour tomorrow?

Remember we are open this Saturday (2nd July, 10-4). Please order all documents for the searchroom in advance of your visit. See our website for further details #SaturdayOpening

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Heroes and villains: conflicting attitudes to war veterans in peacetime

May 19, 2022

How real were the fears that brutalised and battle-scarred soldiers returning from the First World War had developed a propensity for violence and criminality? Dr Ashley Borrett looks at the city of Hull to find out how people responded to war veterans in peacetime.

Oscar Wilde

19 May 1897 – Oscar Wilde is released from prison

May 19, 2022

19 May 2022 marks 125 years since Oscar Wilde was released from prison. Professor Helen Johnston recounts the criminal past of the notorious Irish poet and playwright.

Criminal records as a way of introducing archives to children

August 25, 2021

Hannah Salisbury, Community and Learning Officer at Suffolk Archives, explains how new learning resources on crime and punishment are being used to introduce younger children to the fascinating world of historical archives.

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