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The Judges Lodgings Lancaster is a fascinating building used by visiting Judges to the Assizes at the so called 'hanging court' @LancCastle between 1635 & 1975! #museumjobs #CaPCollections

The latest Historical Convict Records and Facilities! Thanks to @femalefactoryOL #archivesatnight #museumsatnight

So proud of this - my week's work - that I had to share it. This is a 1950s criminal network mapped from the investigative files of a London robbery. Still more to do but I've now got that #FridayFeeling #twitterstorians #OrganisedCrime

Interested in #prison? #food #drama #history? Come & hear about #PastTime, a project at HMP Hewell w/ @Rideoutism. We're @TateExchange @tatemodern 12-17 June, with #free panel discussion Wed 13 June. BOOK


On 25 May 1895 Oscar Wilde was convicted of gross indecency and sentenced to two years imprisonment. Find out more about the records in our collection that chart this turbulent period in his life #podcast #oscarwilde #OTD

Doing #oralhistory? Worried your world is going to end because of #GDPR? Well, it isn't. Here's some guidance and template forms from @OralHistorySoc

Described by American president Herbert Hoover as "a great social and economic experiment", #Prohibition was established across the United States in January 1920

This amazing register has just been out in our #Wakefield searchroom. Covering police officers who died in the wars @Police_Gazette @WMPHistory @WestYorksPolice @leicspolice


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June 2, 2018

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June 8, 2018

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Our Criminal Ancestors: Workshop at Ripon Museums (Yorkshire’s Law & Order Museums)

June 20, 2018

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