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Hear unique insights and stories from The National Archives’ records and learn about the long history of public health responses in Britain. How did outbreaks from the past affect real people and how did they change Britain? #PodcastRecommendations

** Small bit of paid work available **

I'm looking for someone who can decipher (if possible) the form of shorthand used in these two manuscripts. I *think* they are in the hand of Edwin Chadwick, and they deal with the elderly Jeremy Bentham's ailing health


Did your ancestors have a 'Fleet Marriage'? Up until the first half of the 18th century, irregular or clandestine marriages were much more common that you might think!
#AncestryHour #Genealogy #Marriage
Image: Caricature of a Fleet Marriage (Wikipedia)

We continue to mark the life and achievements of Hull aviator Amy Johnson by releasing Part 4 of her letters which are now available to view online. These cover April 1927 to Whitsun 1927 @hull_libraries @jrlthull @Hull_Museums

Museum of Anatomy, 29 Paradise Street, Liverpool. Open 1921 to 1938. Due to the thousands of diagrams and models of the human body, men and women had separate visiting times. Looking at the catalogue/guide (bottom right) its not surprising.


It wouldn’t be Shrove Tuesday without the Bradling Stone. Tradition has it that any male found working after 12 OTD, was taken to this stone in the centre of Norton-in-Hales and was bumped, or rolled on it [PH/N/11/9] #shrovetuesday #bradlingstone #nortininhales #shropshire

The Pankhurst Trust is seeking a new Chair, pls help spread the word
Volunteering with our Trust gives the chance to champion the legacy of those women who began the fight for change & to make a vast difference to the lives of women & children today 💚🤍💜

Virtual Crime Walk - Our Criminal Ancestors. Take a virtual crime walk around East Yorkshire ⁦@UniOfHull⁩ ⁦@HullUniEvents⁩ ⁦@Hullhistorynews⁩ ⁦@ERArchives⁩ ⁦@ERLibraries⁩

Really happy to receive my contributor copy of this - and it's my first publication in actual print! Thank you again to Patrick, Helen and Clare for doing such an amazing job! @lastdyingwords1 @1868conference


Good Morning from City Centre Team 3. It is a bit crisp outside today guys so wrap yourself up. This week we have some incredible pictures of Birmingham City Police from Old. Enjoy and have a great day. This is Brum City Police band from 1919. @WMPolice @WMPHistory

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Crime on the move in the early twentieth century

January 31, 2021

Dr Ashley Borrett examines the impact that the rise of the motor vehicle and the increase in transport-related crime had on attitudes to offending in the early part of the twentieth century.

Reformatory and industrial training ships in nineteenth-century UK

January 31, 2021

Julie Brumby, from Leeds Beckett University, takes a look at the role reformatory and training ships played in dealing with juvenile criminality in the nineteenth century.

New portraits of the criminal past

May 26, 2020

The latest blogs from City Archivist, Phil Astley, who uses the fascinating collection of criminal ‘mugshots’ held by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives and brings them to life, feature the cases of Neil McPherson, who was a prisoner at Perth, Peterhead and Pentonville, and Catherine Anderson, who was tried twice for child murder.

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