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The Economist and History: Economical with the Facts?
Read the response of RHS President, Prof Margot Finn and Director of @ihr_history, Prof Jo Fox, to a recent piece in @TheEconomist here

'A Cardiff Scandal: The Life of Honora Shaughnessy'. A new blog post about a girl, her bastard father, and how the workhouse let her down. It is a very upsetting life history of a vulnerable person with many distressing themes.

I saw this super photograph online. All I know is that it is from #Yorkshire in the 1940s. The family must have numbered 13 or 14 or more. #childhood

News of #Peterloo travelled fast - #AnneLister records in her #diaries the first reports of the "sad work at Manchester"... "but reports are so vague and monstrous one scarce knows what to believe" #AnneListerInHerWords #Archives

Research guides can help you discover the location of records relevant to your research. Check out our variety of guides that offer step-by-step instructions on researching different topics: #Ancestry #FamilyHistory Β© Hulton Archives/Getty Images

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Exploring female drunkenness in Victorian Lancashire

July 23, 2019

Utilising a range of archival sources, Dr Craig Stafford charts the criminal lives of drunken women in 19th century Lancashire.

Tracing gang members – the complicated case of Charles β€˜Darby’ Sabini

May 14, 2019

With the Peaky Blinders set to return to our screens later this year, Prof Heather Shore takes a look at the complicated lives of one of the families that has featured in the series, the Sabinis.


Figuring out the past: crime statistics as social history

March 4, 2019

What can crime statistics tell us about the past? Dr Ashley Borrett examines the interwar crime rates for Hull to find out more.

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