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Today's document touches on the murky world of early criminology. James Scott (Medical Officer of Brixton Prison and later Holloway) responds to an invitation to a lecture on "Degenerates" to be given by the eugenicist Robert Reid Rentoul.


This was a relatively early article for me & speaks to my fascination with the awkwardness of categories of intellectual history when applied to the actual beliefs of historical actors.
It was made possible by a much needed writing up grant from @ihr_history. I'm still grateful!

Beverley: such a terrifying place! In 1381 local officials were (allegedly) extorting money from locals under threats of violence:

We some archive staff returning to The Hive shortly & able to access the archives we are providing an enhanced research service for a limited period from next week

Good to see CMC steadily climb the Journal Citation Reports now sitting at 22 of 69 criminology journals. Successes no doubt due to the hard work of @ProfMBrown, Eamonn Carrabine, founders @YvonneJewkes Chris Greer,Jeff Ferrell & most of all countless reviewers & authors!

'Another eye: women #refugee photographers in Britain after 1933' - we love this wonderful online exhibition! Some images come from a collection here in the @BhamCityCouncil #Archives! It'll be physically reopening again next week!

We are delighted to have been successful in securing funding from @WellcomeTrust to fully catalogue two of our amazing archive collections: the archives of @YHAOfficial and @YMCAEng_Wales. This two year project will be based @CadburyRL, starting in mid-2021

2-year job with us at @kingshistory in colonial and postcolonial British history, especially teaching, researching & doing public engagement in relation to KCL's colonial past:

Talk to me about DNA tests. As an adoptee with very limited info about my birth mom, I’m sort of curious. Any recommendations? Pros & cons of one brand over another?Was planning on using Ancestry, but don’t know if there are better ones out there.
#Adoption #Ancestry

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Genealogy and Social History: Know your Ancestors

September 26, 2020

The Register of Qualified Genealogists (RQG) conference entitled “Genealogy and Social History: Know your Ancestors” will be held at the The Science and Industry Museum, Manchester on 26 September 2020.